Urannah and Adani

Protecting Urannah is part of a wider story of protecting country from the threat of coal mining.

The proposed Adani coal mine and railway would run across Biri lands, and has been fought for years by Biri Traditional Custodians.

Water from the damming of Urannah would be used for Adani’s coal port terminal. It would also likely be used in expanding coal mining in the Galilee Basin.  

Biri Traditional Custodians and supporters at Adani’s coal port in 2015 standing against the Adani development. 




Ken Peters Dodd, descendent Biri and Wiri people, receiving an award from the Bob Brown Foundation for the Reef Defender campaign against the Adani coal and railway development.

Biri Traditional Custrodians at Adani’s coal terminal at Abbot point

We need your help

to protect our river, our environment and our culture

"We are the River People our river is sacred it is our life it gives us the connection to our land and the beginning of creation.

It is our duty to protect our BIRI (river) against the rapid demand of water supplies to the Mining Industry in the Bowen Basin. Urannah Creek and Broken River are the last wild rivers in this country and the biodiversity and the environment is untouched.” Descendant Wiri and Birri people.

We will be launching our campaign soon to build the people power to stop this dam.

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